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Personal vehicle tracking, done right.

GPS Trackers. Designed for you.

We don't design our GPS trackers devices for fleet or commercial vehicles. Instead, we cater for everyone else.

If you're looking for a GPS tracker for your car, motorbike, campervan, trailer, motorhome, caravan, classic car, quad bike, hot rod, mobility scooter, boat or even your golf cart, we've got you covered.

Want to view your journey history? We've got that covered too. We'll store all of your vehicle movement data, allowing you to view where your vehicle was on any given date. The route you drove is clearly displayed, including the vehicle speed, altitude and even the direction of travel is recorded automatically for you.

GPS trackers for all types of vehicle

OpenStreetMap or Google Maps. Your choice.

We understand that maps are a personal preference which is why we give you a choice.

You can choose to view your data on the beautiful OpenStreetMap (both road maps and satellite maps are available) or you can choose to view your data on any of the Google Maps offerings (satellite, road, terrain or hybrid).

Our responsive web site has been designed with mobile and touch-screen devices in mind. You'll find everything scales beautifully and automatically to fit the device you're using. Whether it's a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, everything scales and adjusts fluidly to fit.

OpenStreetMap or Google Maps available

Geofence Alarms. Stay Informed.

Geofencing uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite network to create a virtual boundary.

With just one click you can enable a complete geofence boundary around your vehicle.

Our geofencing technology uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite network to constantly monitor the position of your vehicle at all times and ensure it stays within its geofence boundary.

If your vehicle moves outside of its active geofence radius you will receive an immediate email notification and a SMS text message will also be sent to your mobile phone, informing you that your vehicle has breached its geofence.

You will also receive an immediate email notification and a SMS text message if the vehicle battery is disconnected.

Geofence alarms alert you instantly

Location Sharing. Keep Others Informed.

Travelling to see a friend or family member? Need to let someone else see where your vehicle is in real-time? Only want them to view your location at certain times or on certain dates? We've got that covered too.

Our Location Sharing functionality allows you to share the current location of any vehicle, with whomever you choose, whenever you choose. With just a few clicks you can control who can see your vehicle location and more importantly, when they can see it.

You can specify the time and date that the shared view begins and ends. So if you need to let someone view your vehicle for a couple of days, you can. Or you can even choose to share a location for only a few hours. The choice is yours.

We'll email a link to the recipient and they simply click a single button to view your vehicle location. No usernames, no passwords, no fuss.

Share your current location with friends and family

Telematics. In a nutshell.

Our compact GPS tracker devices feature the latest low energy Cortex M3 ARM processors, SiRFStar IV GPS receivers and advanced power management functionality. They include integrated antennas and LED status indicators.

Other features include:

  • Fully integrated device measuring just 60x60x20mm and weighing only 180g
  • Low power consumption (near-zero current drain when vehicle ignition is off)
  • SiRFStar IV GPS (48 channels) with internal 10mm ceramic antenna
  • Internal 900mAh back-up battery
  • LED status indicators for GSM connectivity and GPS signal
  • Over-the-air firmware updates – we'll update your device remotely, so you don't have to
  • Secure, encrypted data transfer protocols
  • Can be removed if you sell your vehicle (and re-installed in a different vehicle)
  • Two year, no-quibble, direct replacement warranty included as standard
  • Optional four year extended warranty also available

Simple three-wire installation. The tracker device can be fitted by any competent vehicle owner, your favourite garage or mobile mechanic.

Compact device, just 6cm square

M2M Connectivity. Roaming networks.

GPS tracker devices are fitted with a SIM card which is used to send the data from your tracker back to our cloud-based servers.

Some GPS tracker providers use a standard mobile phone SIM card in their devices. While these SIM cards are usually ok for normal applications you will find, much like a mobile phone, there are large gaps in mobile phone network coverage which can lead to large gaps in your data. We don't use SIM cards designed for mobile phones, we use M2M SIM cards.

Machine-to-machine (or 'M2M') SIM cards are designed specifically for machine communications. Our M2M SIM cards are capable of network roaming. This means they automatically lock on to and use the strongest signal available at the time, on any mobile network. This makes them ideal for vehicles as you often pass through areas where one mobile provider may offer a poor or completely non-existent signal. In this case our SIM cards keep on going, sending the GPS tracker data to our servers across whichever mobile network offers the strongest signal in that area.

M2M roaming-network SIM cards